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What are the differences between wired remote water meters and wireless remote water meters?
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      At present, in the remote metering scheme of water meter, wired remote transmission and wireless remote transmission are two mainstream remote data transmission schemes. Based on different remote transmission methods, the water meter used by the terminal mainly has a wired remote water meter (photoelectric direct reading). Far-reaching water meters, ultrasonic water meters) and wireless remote water meters (LoRa, GPRS, NB-IoT, etc.), so what is the difference between them?

      In fact, whether it is wired remote water meters or wireless remote water meters, they have the same purpose, in order to complete the remote reading of water meter data (basic function). The wired remote water meter and the wireless remote water meter are identical in the principle of data transmission. The main difference between them is that the way of transferring data is different, and the medium of data transmission is different. Relatively speaking, the wired, remote water meter requires a relatively high manpower, material resources, time input and cost in construction, but the data transmitted through the cable (mainly M-bus and RS485 bus) is more stable. The wireless remote water meter is relatively weak in the stability of data transmission, but it is convenient to install and use and has no additional cost.