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What are the factors that affect the performance of prepaid water meters?
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According to the technical staff of prepaid water meter manufacturers, the main factors affecting the performance indicators of prepaid water meters are:

1. Battery performance indicators: The current low-power design has improved the battery life of prepaid water meters to 8 or even 10 years. This is very convenient for both the user and the water supply department. Of course, the mechanical metering part of the water meter and the electrical control part should have a higher service life. After replacing the battery, it should be able to continue to use for a longer period of time.
2, the life of the whole table: the service life of the whole table is a problem worthy of discussion. Because the life of the water meter is theoretically determined by the device with the shortest life. From a realistic point of view, the lifespan of most water meters far exceeds the period stipulated by national standards. However, from the actual manufacturing situation, it is reasonable to have a life expectancy of 6 years.
3. Physical damage indicators: Prepaid water meters must have certain physical damage, so it is necessary to adopt good overall housing protection measures.
4. Antifreeze performance index: The anti-freezing problem is mainly a problem of storage and use. The temperature below zero does not need to consider the use of the water meter, because the water is already frozen and cannot be metered. However, during transportation and storage, you may encounter temperatures well below zero, which needs to be considered. The value of this reasonable indicator should be in the range of -25 degrees to +50 degrees. The water meter should not be frozen in this range. When the temperature returns to normal temperature, the prepaid water meter should work normally.