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Corporate vision:              

Become a professional service provider in the field of energy measurement

Our Mission:                    

• Promote the development of energy conservation with technological innovation

Corporate values:             

• Integrity, responsibility, innovation, and win-win

Management philosophy:   

• Simple: Be a simple person
• Efficient: performance-oriented, for the purpose of improving efficiency
• Responsibility: Responsibility, responsibility for results
• Research: excellence, innovative work spirit

Corporate talent concept: 

• Go all out, take the initiative, and take the initiative to attack, be fully committed, and have a place.

• Passive waiting, over time and over-determination will be eliminated by society.

Tengyue service concept:  

• Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and be customers' forever partners.
• Study and improve products and services from the standpoint of customers.

• Establish a rapid response mechanism to customer needs.

Enterprise spirit:               

• Hard work
• Synergistic progress
• Pioneering

• Thanksgiving